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{Thursday, October 03, 2002}

Morgan has succumbed to the pox. She started getting feverish yesterday morning and today the spots are appearing. She was *very* hot last night and when Steve got home at 11:30 p.m. he went to check her. She was wringing wet. She had just had drugs 4 hrs. before though so I couldn't give her anything yet. She slept with us until 4 a.m. Then she woke up. She twisted and turned for an hour, then announced, every-so-clearly that she was hungry. I asked her what she wanted and she said, "Um, pretzels?"

We all gave in and got up. She ate cereal and Steve had some coffee and went back to work. Finally around 7 a.m., she looked out the window and said, "Hey! It's morning!" Argh, I know, I know. She's been alternately fine and rotten. Right now her ibuprophen is winding down and she's less than agreeable. I'm going to to dinner soon and Grammy will be laden with them. They are in Full Fight mode.
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{Monday, September 30, 2002}

I'm reading a very interesting book about a piano tuner who goes to Burma to tune a piano. It is set in the 1890's and it has taken me a while to think of England as a 'power'. It's not a book I would typically read - I picked it out randomly. The descriptions of the places that he traveled through to reach his post are unbelievable. The time, the people, the places -- all so foreign to me. And I know (especially because of my love of comfort) that I will never travel to or see people so different from me. It's a bit sad. A whole world out there, just as far away to me as a different gallaxy.

Back here in America it is Big Trash Day. This weekend the hauling out began. A lot of people do it on the weekends when they can cart it all out and not have to worry about it the night before their trash day. We (and our neighbors) put out quite a few items and almost all of ours are gone. The scavengers have been cruising up and down the streets since Sunday mid-day. My neighbor said that we should go out after our kids were in bed last night (we had a cookout with them), but I declined on grounds of tiredness. Today I pull up and she's out cleaning off a desk. She went out around midnight and got it. It is a very sturdy desk, made of real wood. Pretty good trash. She's quite the Decorating Queen, so she'll have it all spiffed up in no time.

I was all full of plans for today myself. Around the house type things. However, the allergy spores infected me and all I could do was blow my nose and sleep. Morgan, mercifully, did not nap-decline today and she and I slept and hour and a half. Paired with our errands after school drop-off, that pretty much filled our day until it was time to pick up Emma. Then it was the rush around for the two dance classes, with the dinner at Subway sandwiched (heh) in the middle. After returning home, the girls flipped me out by writing on the kitchen wall (measuring each other) and I sent them to bed early. Just a little bit of whining by Morgan because I wouldn't cover her up properly and in 10 minutes they were completely asleep!

Ha! I actually did something in anger that didn't turn out badly! HA! It's good for both because of Emma's Busy Day and Morgan's preschool day tomorrow. I'm going to take Morgan to the apple farm to meet her class there. I don't know if she'll go back to the Y for Kids Kamp or not. I think the all-day Tuesday gig is too long for her. We may drop KK. She's also made anti-preschool noises since swimming started. She doesn't want to put her face in the water and she came out all traumatized last Thursday. I told her that we would talk to her swimming teachers and she good with that. Now today she just says she doesn't want to do swimming At All. We'll play it by ear on Thursday I guess. I certainly just want preschool to be a fun thing and not a duty for her.
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