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{Saturday, September 14, 2002}

Ah, summer the way I normally imagine it, occured today. We went out on the Mississippi (Morgan's idea; she insisted that when we got the truck back, we would go, and we did) and it was divine. It was exactly the way that I imagine it being on a boating-outing during the dreary days of winter. It was about 85 degrees, no humidity - warm enough to drink rum drinks and swim, not hot enough to feel like you were in the frying pan of life while out of the water.

I only marginally sun-block-sprayed the kids once, instead of the July and August routine of slathering them endlessly every half hour. And no one was burnt. Harley even had an excellent time, swimming his little heart out, his stump his rutter. He did have some nervous moments when the girls were actually out in the water. Save them! Save me! And he clawed my back a bit trying to use me as his personal island.

The girls got along well and it was just the kind of kick-back day that Emma needed for a nice break. She is all concerned about taking her 85 cents into school to pay for her cinammon roll that she consumed at breakfast last week. She 'charged' it and we received a bill. At least I have someone who remembers such trivial items and will remind me.

I browsed at Target tonight. Very nice. I went with the intention of buying towels. I thought that the ones that I wanted were on sale. Alas, it was not to be. I arrived home sans towels. Steve asked why I just didn't buy them anyway. I told him the the moment I did, they will go on sale - on clearance even! Lo and behold, the Sunday paper was on the table and the Target ad revealed them -- on sale starting tomorrow! Towels shall be mine!
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{Friday, September 13, 2002}


This lady was out today mowing (her sidewalk) today on my way to playgroup. It was one of those moments when I say, Man! I wish I had my camera! But then I realized, I did. I took my time at the stop sign and shot her photo. It was my second 'undercover' photography session and I felt rather guilty. I'm going to have to get better at it. I am forever seeing excellent moments that I'd like to capture. I'm supposing you would ask permission if the person were to spot you?

It was a bad dropoff today
at Kindergarten. Emma cried. She cried at home, she cried in the van, she cried going up the sidewalk, she cried in the hall. I felt like the Scum Of The Earth. You are there for your child, protecting them from the day they are born. Then there they are, heart breaking and you're The Ogre who is making them do something that they are clearly not okay with. It's not a natural state of affairs I tell ya. Much rationalization. And reminding myself that the last time she hopped off the bus, full of songs and happy day stories. And the same happened today. The real trick is to get her to sleep earlier. Tiredness is the main culprit. A problem though -- how to get her to sleep earlier? Last night Grammy was here, so that makes it harder to go to sleep. Plus, by the end of the week - she has accumulated exhaustion. We bowed out of soccer for that reason. With two dance classes and soon, Daisy Scouts, I think we will be pretty full schedule-wise, especially for my low-energy girl.
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{Wednesday, September 11, 2002}

A couple of interesting sightings tonight while on the ballet class run for Morgan. The first was two teenaged geeks (clearly) just leaving Slackers (the CD/video-game/slacker store) with excitement crackling between them. They were hightailing it to the car with their new videogame - the one in possession was already ripping the shrink wrap off of that baby. Hope you're having a good time boys!

The second was at the park I pass on the way home. There is a sidewalk running between the pond and the street. I spied a weiner dog relieving himself on a hydrant. He was apparently alone. And then I saw a very stern looking middle-aged man walking with controlled casualness behind said weiner. I supposed that the weiner had gotten away from him and he *knew* that if he approached him too quickly, the dog would dart out under the wheels of an oncoming minivan (and subsequently he would be divorced by wife). As I sped by, I noted the weiner still in the lead and the man appearing to get angrier and more desperate.

Emma's Open House at her school was last night and she *loved* it. She adored showing us around, going through the motions of her day. She almost didn't want us to leave (ever) but fifteen minutes before it's scheduled end-time I jumped on the opportunity to show her quite a few parent/child groups *leaving* the classroom. Both her teacher and the spec-ed teacher fussed and praised her for being such a good friend to Lydia (a spec-ed girl who is apparently mainstreamed into the regular K for parts of the day). Emma was also very enamored of Megan, a girl with a cane and some other type of disability. Ah, my little giver.

We missed the meeting for the Girl Scouts (same night! different school!). The neighbor told me that they didn't have a Leader for the Daisy Scouts for our school. She half-volunteered to be a co-leader. She was thinking that she and I could do it. Wow - that was quick! I was just thinking of keeping the LLL library until I ended up with a large PTO job or some kind of scout leading. I told her that I would probably do it. Already there's a conflict though - the group is going to meet every other Monday (after school I'm assuming) and Emma has ballet and jazz on Mondays. That means that would could be there not-at-all. Damn. So, I tried to switch Emma to a Wednesday dance schedule, but alas it is full. We're hoping to trade.

Tomorrow is my co-op day at Morgan's preschool (seeing a theme here? I don't know how people with a lot of kids do it!) and I'm quite dreading it. Thank gawd I'm not in charge though. I'll just brace myself and suffer through. AND it's going to keep me from working out and interfere with Grammy Day!
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{Tuesday, September 10, 2002}

It occurs to me that we are under house arrest. I was letting the dog out last night and saw the patio furniture - for a second I thought *why* don't we sit out there, then I remembered. The mosquitos. They are in swarms. Mom and I took the girls out yard-saling on Saturday morning. In and out of the van, up driveways, down cul de sacs - no mosquitos, nary a bite. We arrived home and Morgan went out with Mom to water the flowers - she got 6 bites in about ten minutes. Very annoying. Makes me highly anticipate the first frost. Plus those annoying, getting-stupider-by-the-minute late summer flies.

I took two hours this weekend and emptied my In Box. EMPTY - nada. Who knew it would be so exhilarating? Lileks has been almost as good for me as FlyLady . . . his descriptions of his cabinets and organizing are shaming me into clearing some of the 'krep' out. The entertainment center is *clear* - nothing on top. It looks so lonely. I haven't decided if I will put something back on it or not -- it's almost like I've reclaimed it and I'm hesitant to give it back to the clutter gods.

School is going well for Emma, but for two instances. One day last week she started crying in the morning, before we dropped Morgan off for preschool. About every 7 minutes, she would lament again, "I don't **want** to go to school!", "I just want to get *out* of this!" She refused to go in her room and the teacher came out and gently herded her in. I was sick from the sorrow - I felt like I was going to throw-up in the grocery store. At the bus stop I waited, worried that she would have cried all day and been miserable. However (thank god), she got off the bus all cheery, happy to see Grammy and upbeat. No words about her morning sadness. During yardsaling on Saturday, she stayed in the van at one and when I returned she was crying. "You never asked me if I wanted to go to Kindergarten!!!!" was the accusation (a true one too, by the way). She was hot and tired and school seemed to be a good culprit. Tonight is her Open House and she is anxious to show us her work and her art.
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