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{Wednesday, September 04, 2002}


Am downloading fool. Can't stop self. Will blog again someday!
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{Tuesday, September 03, 2002}

The Double Drop-Off Executed

Well, it can be done. It was Morgan's first day of preschool. She had to be there at 9:00 a.m. Emma is supposed to be at school at 9:15 a.m. I got a clue a couple of days ago that it might not be possible to drop-and-run from the preschool to get to the elementary school so quickly. I suggested to Emma that we get her into the routine of taking the bus on preschool days, but she isn't ready yet. So, I prepped Morgan that it would be a nice little drop-off, putting her lunchbox in her cubby (Emma is super jealous of said lunchbox), putting on her name tag and starting off. At the cubby junction, several kids were already screaming and clinging to mom's legs. Morgan was cool as cuke.

We led her in, tagged her, signed her up as snack helper and she got busy playing at a table. I had to ask her to look up from her activities to let me take a First Day of Preschool picture. A smile and a goodbye. Wow, that was easy. Emma said she felt *big* dropping off her baby sister at school. [sniff, me too] Emma got to school on time (desks moved, now sitting with 3 boys!) and I realized I had *five* hours before any pick-ups! Amazing. This may spark ovulation.

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{Sunday, September 01, 2002}

As Clean As Clearwater Can Get it

We're back from the Lake and no, we did not Make Good time. In fact, it took us roughly twice as long as it could have on our return journey. Quick notes as I notice it's sneaking up on midnight and I'd rather be sleeping:

Steve walked in the kitchen this morning as I was standing there (apparently blissfully) congested. He said, "MAN! Something stinks!" to which his Mom said, "Well dear, I think your mother let a fart."

My FIL last night tells me the following joke:
"A boy goes to visit his grandfather and they have supper. The plate looks a little dirty and the boys says something. The grandfather says, 'Well, that's as clean as clear water can get it!' and so the boy goes about his eating. The next morning at breakfast, the plate looks even worse. The boy mentions it and the grandfather asserts 'Well now, that's just as clean as clear water can get it!' So, the boy thinks, okay, and eats his breakfast. It comes time for him to go and he goes out to his car. There's an old dog in the driveway and the grandfather comes out yelling at the dog, 'Clearwater! You get away from there!'" [chuckles ensued]

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