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{Wednesday, August 28, 2002}

Six Pounds

That is how much I gained, scale-wise in the last 8 days. How is that humanly possible? I mean, fine, if I'd been on a CRUISE maybe? But Lord.... Okay, so yes, I'm eating candy corn right now, but I *haven't* been, nor have a I been eating pint after pint of B&J. Maybe just one pint, all total, in those eight days. Amazing. That huge weigh-in was yesterday at the gym (been three days in a row, yay me) and I didn't weigh today. Couldn't take that again.

Morgan and I are getting used to being together during the days during Emma's school hours. She is often rounding up, packing and otherwise carrying for her babies and stuffed animals. Currently the favorites are "Ginny's baby" and "Fluff Fluff", a cocker spaniel Beanie Baby. She is a packer by nature and will fill any available container with everything she can get her hands on. She then carries it somewhere and leaves it. She's also spent a good deal of time this week discussing what she is going to "take with her" when she grows up and moves out. She's taking this bib for her baby (or for Stephanie's baby, which she intends to borrow) and she's taking Coco (but not his cage) and she's taking this basket. And so on, to infinity. She also announced to Emma tonight that she was *not* moving with her to Portland. That is, Morgan is going, but not allowing Emma to go with her. Emma said, "Oh, you'll change your mind," and Morgan said, "I *did* change my mind Emma, you're not going" and Emma retorted, "You're three, you'll change your mind."

That was a more lucid point for Emma who has reverted to the fragility factor of her 3rd year since beginning school. She is just so emotionally spent after a school-day, she doesn't have much left to give. She had a tremendous screaming fit tonight at having to bathe. She really screamed a literal 10-15 minutes. Post-bath, she was sitting at the table doing a dot-to-dot and we discussed why you must take a bath. She really didn't think she was dirty -- ever. She said, "Dirt doesn't move around." Like, you fool, it is clear there is no dirt clinging to me. Apparently she thought if you couldn't see it hanging there in clods, then you were fine. Tomorrow night is her first soccer practice, so we'll see if she feels dirty after that.

School itself, however, seems to be going swimmingly. I'm getting actual Lessons Learned here today. She was just sitting at the table, talking to herself and I heard, if you have one peach and your mother gives you two more - then you have three! And I was like, yeah, you do. Wow. I could have pulled 1 + 2 out of her before, but she really got the concept and it was obviously a lightbulb moment. There's always a report from an outside activity as well, usually in the school garden. And of course, the obligatory review of who did what to whom in the bus lines (obviously a complete free-for-all at the end of the day when the grown-ups are worn down to nubs).

I had a retail encounter yesterday that I made a mental note to blog, but then I realized I was going Lileks and scolded myself. I'll have to report Goodwill moments; Target already has enough customers.
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{Sunday, August 25, 2002}


Well, not really wheee! Just that I have the spin-dizzies and I have no idea why. Have taken all prescribed, mind-altering drugs that I'm addicted to...am not pregnant....ate 3,000 calories just last night, so low blood sugar is likely not the culplit. Am having juice now, just in case. I need to be out, doing things. I have a little route to run. Returns, drop-offs and the like. Plus, lol, bought a book for the LLL library on eBay. Seller is in Troy, 15 minutes from here. Ha. Going to ask her if I can drop by (her brain will explode from this question, I'm sure) and pick it up to save the $2 shipping.

I went to bed at midnight keeping the dog up way too late. Today he's been barely able to move, just lying on the couch in varying positions with tongue out at least an inch. I can always tell exactly how tired he is by the increments of his tongue-stick-outage. Staying up so late means that I have entered 2002 in the Lileks archive! Yay. However, will be very sad to be caught up. May have to supplement with '99.
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