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{Thursday, August 08, 2002}

In the LOL category today:
I have thrush. I call the doctor's office to beg for Diflucan. It is a single pill that kills yeast. I tell the receptionist that I have thrush and that I need this pill. I tell her to not let them give her any shit about it not being possible for me to have it because I had it last year. Look at the chart. No one believed me then either. So, she gets back on the line, says, "What pharmacy?" and that's it. Go off about my regular life and tonight stop by Walgreens. We go to the drive-thru window. We pay. We receive white bag o' drugs. It's *not* a pill. It's Nystatin - an anti-yeast. Hmmm. Takes me a minute. Takes me two minutes. I read the instructions: Swish in mouch and swallow 4x day. *Swish*? Huh? Ohhhhhh.....

LOL!!!!! They think I have thrush in my mouth. LOL!!!!! Can't wait to call in the morning and say, "My NIPPLES you idiots!!!". It is nice to know that my badgering stopped any questioning. Ha. I actually *can't* wait. I'm in pain here. It feels (as I mentioned to those who asked and to those who didn't) like they've been sandpapered and then dipped in Tabasco. They hurt man.
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So I was watching _The Wire_ last night and saw a scene that sparked an interesting thought. A couple of the drug addicts had a box of fried chicken and a six-pack of Mountain Dew. It suddenly occured to me that if you are a drug addict, your *last* concern would be with the healthy factor of your diet! You could eat anything you want - because *HELL* the drugs are going to kill you much more quickly.

Jennifer is in full packing mode here. We are practically into the final hours. Emma can actually speak of the move without breakdown. At the rate she is getting rid of her worldly possesions, it feels more like she's going into the hospice rather than going off to school. It *has* inspired me to do some major decluttering. And it's so true -- no one is ever going to miss that stuff. Jon is here now and I realized the other day that we'd be losing Jon, Scott & Jay visits along with Jennifer's departure.

We put a room-darkening shade in the girls' room tonight. We are hoping it helps Morgan sleep until her alarm goes off (at 6:15 a.m.). She woke at 6:08 today, crying. Emma will probably sleep until noon if undisturbed. Tomorrow is playgroup. Darnit, meant to make potato-leek soup tonight and let it sit in crockpot cooking all night. Double drats. No way I'm doing it now. No sireebob.

My digital camera refused to turn on today. It's like being broken-up with completely out of the blue. One day you're happily taking pictures, downloading, etc. The next day -- nothing. I didn't see it coming. No odd behavior, no flickering, no nothing. Just a complete refusal to turn-on. One minute my best friend, the next: a paperweight. Naturally, I have ordered a new one already. Hell, ya can't just *bail* on me like this and expect me to cry forever! The new one is going to be quite the dandy and I think I love it already. So much for the break-up blues eh?

It was Grammy day today. We watched the video from the wedding. Not an excess of Emma (which I'm sure disappointed her) but I wanted to get plenty of actual wedding for Mary. I need to dub a copy for all interested parties and send them on their way. Emma certainly looked different last weekend with all of her hair. Now it is in a chin-length bob and completely adorable. The haircut, along with the glasses, have given her a whole new look.

I've decided to buy a kindergarten curriculum. I think that it will give us a framework, plus I think she'll like the idea of having *school books*. She's just that kind of girl. I will observe at the Lutheran school this year, perhaps doing that for next year and first grade. The girls that live behind us go there and they are very pleased with it (as are their parents). It's a possibility.
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{Wednesday, August 07, 2002}


Well now, tomorrow is an *off day*. Thank GAWD, I'm exhausted. I've been catching up on sleep though -- a very good thing. An even better, summer is taking a day off as well. It's only 72 degrees right now. Heaven. Bliss. It's been so fucking hot. Very unreasonably hot. A *wall* of heat out there. Today was homeschool day. Thankfully it was a mere 85 with 65 percent humidity and we could do our outside things.

Going to do very little tomorrow. Well, truthfully, some things are stacking up. Emma wants her hair cut (a lot! like 6 inches off!) and I said I'd go to Home Depot for something or other, can't remember now. I really wanted it too, whatever it was. We hit Target tonight and accomplished the fun job of picking out the *extras* for the upstairs bathroom. The cool towel bar, the robe hooks, yadda-yadda. Plus, lots of it was on clearance so we felt justified in the ultra-cute miniature chrome trash can, complete with 'PUSH' lid. Also purchased a "Hello Kitty!" alarm clock for the girls. They thought it was just a treat, but really the master plan is to keep Morgan in her own bed (and not in ours, crabbing) until 6:15 a.m.

I went to The Stagger tonight with girlfriends and Steve put the kids to bed. I quizzed him on his instructions to Morgan. "Did you teach her how to turn the alarm off?" "Yes," he said "You push the kitty." Aha. That's the snooze. Works fine for us though as he gets up at the time anyway and can go in there and turn it off. Another gem from Steve tonight, when talking about my plans for tomorrow, "Do go to the store though, and get some chocolate chip 'nola bars." Morgan is quite the addict.

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