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{Thursday, August 01, 2002}

On the way home from Heather's house:
Me: "Yes, you're right, we should see Heather more than just once a year....she really likes you girls..."
Emma: "Yes, I'm going to tell the truth about LeeAnne." [Jennifer's friend]
Me: "What about LeeAnne honey?"
Emma: "Okay, well -- she doesn't like kids that are bad, but she does like us - because we are, you know, good."
Me: "Oh, really?"
Emma: "Yeah, you know....that's what LeeAnne is all about."

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{Tuesday, July 30, 2002}

The Sisters

Just now, the girls (the little ones) are playing pretend in the living room. I hear this section from the middle of the sitcom:
Older sister: "I'm ahead of you in school."
Little sister: "Nooooooooo, I'm ahead of YOU!!!!"
Older sister: "Just go away, I want to live my myself!"

Foreshadowing anyone? [wink]

I have weblog material from vacation, written in (get this) longhand. Didn't even know I *could* write anymore! I suspected that check-writing was the extent of my talents in this area by this point. Alas, it was like riding a bike. I didn't even get a cramp!

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