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{Friday, July 19, 2002}

I Didn't Know How To Spell "Best Mom" So I Just Drew Hearts

That was what Emma said when she gave me a picture she had drawn for me today. Yesterday she had asked me to help her make a card for her Dad and today she must have remembered that she wanted to finish mine. And I certainly was *not* the best mom today. I said things like, "STOP talking to each other!" and "STOP repeating that same word!" and "Please get out from under my feet!"

We did the first 24 hours of glasses-wearing. It went well. Some slight complaining on the way home today in the van, but hell, who *wasn't* complaining. It was misery. Air conditioning off because the vent tube is clogged and pours water on my feet (along with malfunctioning the wipers, the lights, the gauges and the locks) and stuck in ballgame traffic. My fault entirely. I wanted to check out Lord & Taylor after we were all done at Starbucks and used up precious time that could have been spent beating the traffic. I figured we were already screwed, so we went to Whole Foods (olives, must have olives) so Grammy could check it out. She, of course, loved it & I obtained olives. And some garlic sun-dried tomato cheese spread. Hubba-hubba.

My mind is a little dizzy with the thought of the upcoming weeks. Leaving Saturday for vacation, arriving back the following Saturday, picking up Ginny on Sunday, going to the wedding on Friday and subsequently, at Lake for weekend. [faint]
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{Thursday, July 18, 2002}

I Like My Skin On

While we were passing time in the doctor's office, Emma and I were looking at the in-depth posters of the human eye. There was a *before* pic with the normal eye, then shazam, the picture of the same eye, skinless, so that you could see all the mechanics behind it. Emma was quite grossed out by this and was clear that she prefered 'her skin on'. Me too kid. The glasses were picked up today -- she's still happy with them. We took them into my closet at bedtime to see the Glow In The Dark feature. She was tickled, but I was like, what the hell is this for? The glowing part is on the inside of the earpieces...who could ever see that in the dark? It's against her head! Ah well, if it makes her happy, it makes me happy.

Small panic here. We leave for vacation in 2.5 days. That's not much for a person who has not prepared. I *did* get around to renting a car last night. Actually got quite a nice one, in terminal, for less than I'd expected to pay. Happy day -- not going to ask for any more in that area.

I've been staying up too late, but then again Morgan hasn't been throwing my clothes at me until around 8:00 a.m., so I'm not getting terribly sleep deprived (and therefore terrible). Morgan has been consistently sleeping in her bed until around 5 a.m. as of late. We moved her crib out of our room and got her a twin-sized bed to put in with Emma. The first night was a no go, but here, just about two weeks later, she's down with it most nights.

I ran by a school today which I had forgotten about. They had upgraded and moved further away (strike 1), but I picked up their literature anyway. Their brochure was strikes two and three. *Very* results-oriented with testimonials that emphasize how "quickly" the school got their kids reading. The one super plus was that *all* kids are instructed in Italian, German, French and Spanish. Now that is cool beans. I've been thinking, hell, why don't I just start a Montessori school here in this town? Just freaking do the research, apply for loans and grants, hire a freaking staff and get on with it? I could, I may, we'll have to see. Obviously, I'm not ready to move on this, but damn. If you can't find what you want, make it, right? I have no worries about being able to fully homeschool Emma for her kindergarten year. No worries academically or socially, however, I do still have pie-in-the-sky ideas about just the right school. A mix of Waldorf, Montessori and the free-school concept.
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{Tuesday, July 16, 2002}

Silly Grandpa Wears Reading Glasses, But They Don't Glow In The Dark

In the past couple of months we've been seeing Emma's right eye cross. After the entire household confirmed seeing this, I hit the web for a do-it-yourself diagnosis. I came up with lazy eye and wasn't terribly concerned. Patching the eye is the normal first course of action and I assumed it would work. Her well-child visit for her 5th birthday confirmed that she was 20/40 in *both* eyes, but by the time we already had an appointment with a pediatric specialist arranged.

Last week, she and I went. And for a complete What A Shock ending, she doesn't have lazy eye at all. She is farsighted. When she tries to focus close-up, her eyes try and try and finally cross. So, glasses. Hmmmm. I wasn't all that upset by that news that day. Emma herself was pleased as she sees them as a fashion accessory (not to mention that Jennifer has them). But trying the different styles on yesterday at Sears Optical, it was a little unsettling. Glasses, on her *face*, from now on. Wow - that seems like a long time. There is just a 10% chance she will grow out of it. Oddly, a brochure at the eye doctor said that if you or your spouse have a "strong" prescription, you should have your child's eyes checked at age five. Well, we don't. I don't have glasses at all and Steve didn't get them until his 40's. Recessive genes? Maybe this means she has a shot at being part of the 10%?

Morgan is quite jealous that Emma is getting something that she is not getting. Of course I can't tell her that she is *lucky* she doesn't have glasses. It would be bad for Emma, plus she wouldn't believe me anyway. Last night on the way home from LLL, Morgan was thinking about those coveted glasses. "Maybe when I'm five, my eyes will be like Emma's . . . . . . Silly Grandpa has glasses . . . . . but they don't glow in the dark . . . . . Mommy, can I have your sunglasses?" Emma chose some glasses from the *Nickelodeon* line that glow in the dark. Great, maybe I'll be able to find them in my purse.

Operation Big Move is fully underway. Jennifer and Stephanie are looking for a place to live in Portland. It looks like Stephanie will be joining Jennifer immediately instead of delaying until October. That is good news in terms of travel, but makes some things more immediate. They have been listing eBay auctions for moving $$ like maniacs. I'm afraid to know how many they have listed. When those suckers close, it will be full-blown madness.

I've been half-ass low-carb dieting. I've known all about The Atkin's Diet for years, but this article pushed me over the edge. Dieting is certainly *not* the appropriate term though, as I've been eating a LOT. I've just *not* been eating bread, rice, potatoes. pasta. I have continued eating fruit and vegetables. It's been just a few short days really, maybe four, and I stepped on the scale with trepidation this morning. HA -- 136 -- lower than it's been for *months*. Yeah, yeah, water weight, but hell - who cares - that's certainly not going to burst my bubble. I have been imbibing in ice cream most evenings. I found some (not-very-great actually) Healthy Choice ice cream with 19 carbs per serving (like I eat just one, yeah, right). I guess I will keep it up for a while. Actually, I think it's likely the way to go full-time, but initially, I can't tell myself NO MORE PASTA - EVER! That will be too upsetting to the brain. I thought sugar would be missed more, but I seem to get plenty in the ice cream (no kidding) and don't think about it the rest of the day. Thank God wine has practically no carbs. Yipee!
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{Sunday, July 14, 2002}

Interesting observations yesterday at yard sales. Some very nice houses in very nice subdivisions have the shittiest kids clothes. It's like *they* bought them at yard sales, their kids wore them, and now they are selling them. Then a very modest house will have a plethera of BabyGap and Gymboree with multiple piece sets. I wonder.

Also had a good time with my van yesterday while yardsaling. The a/c is freezing up and then melting. When it melts *and* I make a 90 degree turn, the resulting water pours onto my feet. Apparently, it also pours onto some wiring that operates the windshield wipers. They randomly wipe. It was a clear sunny day and my wipers were going to town. People at stoplights and such were giving me inquiring looks and I was returning blank stares, like, "What?" Small pleasures.

Jennifer found out she's gotten into law school for this fall. She is leaving in four weeks. It's the end of an era. She's been here full-time since Morgan was 6 months and Emma was 2 1/2. They don't remember her *not* being here. Emma will take it particularly hard. She's been a third parent really and she will go through some serious mourning. I suspect I will too -- losing my live-in girlfriend. Plus one who has *no* kids and loves mine like they are her own. It will be a hard act to follow. Emma has already informed us that she *knows* and that she doesn't want to talk about it. Any reminder causes her face to crumple and for her to go and hide. I guess she's gotten to an age where she is embarrassed to cry over something emotional. She certainly hasn't been embarrassed to wail this morning when Morgan has frustrated her or pissed her off.
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